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I am willing and ready to accept whatever world shattering events occur thanks to the actions of my players. In fact, I hope for it. I intentionally not designed any of my handful of campaigns so far (still a new DM, only 3 campaigns in) to be worldshattering, though.

This week is about that and also taking all that we have learned from Art previous weeks and putting them into action moving forward in creating our living Canvas. That has purpose, one that has passion and one that at the end of the day, we can be TRULY proud of. Mean we won have mistakes and bumps along the way.

These landscape or shrub roses are well adapted to the Pacific Northwest. I have two plants that I planted 3 years ago. I prune them back by about half in the winter and usually have to prune again in the summer to keep them within 4 feet diameter. It is here that the Armenians were fortunate enough to meet Yanis Varoufakis, grandson of a pirate lord, and a general in his own right. Impressed by the youth, the assembled clan leaders of Armenia acclaimed him as their new King. Within a matter of years, the Turkish coast between Khalkedon and Pergamon was conquered by Rome, as well as the Kallipolis peninsula across the Marmara ; and now the crowds proclaimed Yanis Emperor of the Romans.”.

“Because I miss grandma and grandpa,” Christy says. “And I thought it would be a good time to go to Vegas.” Christy suggests that Autumn come and invite her friend Drew. When Autumn asks her mom if everything is okay with her and Todd, Christy says, “I need a wife bre.

Everyday was a new “billions” number with a different explanation for its need or use: $11 billion to keep small parts supply chain companies in business, $21 billion to see GM through bankruptcy proceedings, $10 billion for this, $20 billion for that. Pretty soon we were inured to the numbers. A billion dollars used to be a bunch of money, period! But with these kind of numbers in the headlines weekly they seemed to become just more scoreboard entries than actual dollar amounts..

Eh. Democrats have done an amazing job at cannibalizing their young for decades. My dad is a bleeding heart lefty, and has been for ever, and he went to young republicans functions because they had them. 1. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale (1952) The Protestant minister’s manifesto made “positive thinking” into a household term. Peale’s innovation was to recast positive thinking philosophy which was once rooted in mystical subcultures and magical sounding terminology into language that proved acceptable to most church going Americans.

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