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Since taking office, Trump has apparently lost more support than you’ve lost socks. In April 2017, Politico shocked us by saying “Trump’s base turns on him.” What a stark and unequivocal headline. In June, The Week couldn’t get any sleep as it was plagued by the question “Are Republican voters finally turning on Trump?” God, were they? There was no time to answer, because in August The Guardian simply showed us “The conservatives turning against Donald Trump.” And then in September, when all that turning was surely making the nation dizzy and nauseated, shit hit the fan when “Angry Right Wingers Turn on Trump, Burn Their ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats.” Shit! Those fucking burned hats are contributing to climate change!.

Over the course of 20 years, Dorothy Giunta Cotter’s husband, William, kidnapped her, beat her and strangled her with a telephone cord. He pushed her down a flight of stairs when she was pregnant. The day he hit one of their daughters repeatedly in the head, because he didn’t like what she was wearing, Dorothy took her and drove to a shelter in Maine.

Pear with blue cheese? Coffee and bourbon? Candy cap mushroom with port red wine? The genius of this operation, started by two local cousins, is that you have to taste to believe it. The honey balsamic strawberry with cracked pepper is as strangely good as it sounds. Perhaps next time the “Elvis” marionberry jam, peanut butter cookie dough and pralined bacon spun through banana pudding icecream..

Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!The driver of the truck pictured just inches from the precipice of the Genoa bridge collapse has told how he saw the motorway ‘fall away’ in front of him.Two more bodies have been pulled out of tonnes of rubble after a bridge collapsed in Genoa, raising the death toll in the disaster to at least 39 people.The collapse of the Morandi Bridge sent dozens of cars and three trucks plunging as much as 150ft to the ground, the Mirror reports .One truck stopped just inches from plunging 150ft into the rubble below.The lucky 37 year old father, who has only been identified with the initials FL, was returning along the Morandi bridge after a round of grocery deliveries when a 650ft long section disintegrated in front of his eyes.”I saw the road collapsing, with all the cars that I had in front of me at that time,” he told rescuers after the horrifying incident that killed at least 37 people, including a young family of three.His green truck was today seen left abandoned in the same place where he slammed on his brakes and leapt from his cab before running to safety.The man is suffering from shock but is otherwise unharmed according to Giovanni D’Alessandro, director of the Basko supermarket whose food the man was delivering at the time.The driver’s truck just inches from the collapsed bridgeHe said the man wasn’t ready to give an interview himself but had spoken to the owner of Damonte Transport, a sub contractor which employed the driver for the delivery.The driver’s incredible story was revealed after photographs emerged of rescuers winching survivors to safety after firefighters said they rushed to help people they could hear crying out under the rubble.Witnesses said the bridge collapsed “like flour.”How Barclays are banking on a new breed of tech workersOne of those in hospital is Davide Capello, 33, goalkeeper for amateur side Legino, who was rescued from his smashed car at the bottom of the overpass, having ridden the fall on top of huge pieces of concrete.Capello, 33, thought he was going to die and could only watch in terror as the road disappeared before his eyes sending his car plummeting to the ground.”I was convinced it was going to end badly,” the ex pro goalkeeper, who now plays for amateur side Legino, told local media from hospital.”But thank God I’ve lived to tell the tale.”The truck on the Morandi bridgeA man who was under the highway bridge when up to 35 cars and three trucks crashed into a valley below in ‘apocalyptic’ scenes said it was ‘a miracle’ that he survived.The middle aged man told Italian TV that he was standing in front of his truck when a shockwave sent him flying more than 33 feet into a wall, injuring his right shoulder and hip.He said: “I was in front of the truck, and flew away like everything else. Yes, I think it’s a miracle. I don’t know what to say.

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