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One of the less visible impacts of paying football coaches as if they were corporate titans is the cascading effect it has had on the salaries of assistant coaches and athletic directors. Not surprisingly, when the head coach gets millions, his nine full assistant coaches want more too is exactly what has happened in the last decade: Pay packages for assistant coaches at elite football programs have ballooned from $100,000 to $1 million or more at some schools. Athletic directors paychecks have also soared and now average $500,000 at elite football schools.

Did that last sentence give you a twinge in your gut? It should have. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a safe copy of your scanned files! One more thing keep a copy of your scanned files off site if the house burned down having both copies together would leave me with none. Although unlikely, the backup in the Cloud could go away as well.

Of course, there is the standard fare of recording how far you’ve run, etc. I should also point out that this app is updated to incorporate iOS5 so you can add plenty of data to areas like notifications, to keep you on your running toes. offers the function to either update your running information automatically (when using an iPhone), or manually if you are using an iPod.

It wouldn’t be good to have two different matchmaking systems in place, I could easily see that going badly. There’s no way to make everyone happy with any matchmaking system, Hi Rez basically has to decide what they think is more important when it comes to creating matches: faster queues at the cost of quality, or better games with a longer wait time. Maybe in the future they could implement timed queue for ranked modes and revert the casual modes back to before, but I don’t see something like that happening anytime soon.

The theme of wearable computing is one that excites many of us at frog. Another reason is, of course, the attention that air quality in China is seeing lately. The third reason is a cultural one. God bless his blunt candor. Kevin continues to mildly irk people by wearing a backward cap in the pool while cuddling with Astrid. Caroline Lunny from Arie’s season pops in, and she’s so nervous that she out awkwards Joe when talking with him.

An example of doing a shot called “Broken down” in the same situation? You could have the hood up, and him arm deep in the engine, and taking a step or three back to capture the whole scene, showing how alone he is on an empty road with a broken down truck. Another example: pose him sitting on the ground, his back against the tire, head in hands, fingers in hair and looking up at the camera for just a moment, clearly in distress. Another option: have him sitting or lying on the hood, and take the picture from up on top of the cab, and maybe he doesn care that he broken down and he enjoying relaxing on top of the warm engine.

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