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Some sad news for you: this will not be Iceland’s World Cup. Lightning doesn’t strike twice, and international football tournament shock artists do not repeat the trick in consecutive competitions. Especially when Gylfi Sigurdsson is injured. 1. They have already bought from us, so providing they had a good experience, they might buy from us again. We also know that getting a new customer is much more expensive than selling to an existing customer, so by continuing to sell to them, we are really saving ourselves some money..

The Canadian mortgage market may face a meaningful slowdown in 2018 potentially leading to some price relief for buyers in hot housing markets like Vancouver and Toronto, but also possibly causing some pain for alternative lenders and rising interest rates aren the only culprit.New proposals for tighter mortgage underwriting standards (B 20 guidelines) from the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) could lead to a five to 10 per cent decline in uninsured mortgage origination volumes, and even sharper pullbacks for the alternative lenders.The proposed changes unveiled by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) on July 6, would require stress tests to qualify for all uninsured mortgages (roughly 80 per cent of the market), and would make the qualifying rate for these mortgages the contract rate plus two percentage points.OSFI tightens rules on uninsured mortgagesCanada’s home sales fall most in 7 years, as Toronto market plunges could reduce purchasing power materially for some borrowers, said Graham Ryding, a financial services analyst at TD Securities.While his industry feedback suggests an overall volume decline in the five to 10 per cent range, Ryding noted that alternative lenders are the most sensitive to such changes and could therefore see volumes fall approximately 15 to 20 per cent.The analyst highlighted Equitable Group Inc. And Home Capital Group Inc. As the most sensitive to potentially lower volumes stemming from stricter underwriting standards.we continue to believe Equitable is optimally positioned to gain further market share due to Home Capital pull back, which could somewhat offset, Ryding said in a research note.Since Genworth MI Canada Inc.

Whether Tiger has any right to privacy is another issue. Here is someone who has made millions selling his image and I guess in doing so he has waved his right to privacy in a way. We “buy” tiger woods (well some of us do, otherwise his sponsors wouldn’t spend so much money on him!) partly because he’s got a perfect white smile (always annoyed me)and a clean image.

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