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Better players now, vocally we much stronger, and we are also listening to each other and finding more of a musical synergy between the different instruments. Instead of just using traditional instruments we using that base to jump start and create our own sound. The band sound expands, their original repertoire has grown considerably..

Intervention, “feeling better”? Evidence based for insurance to cover? Evidence based to make a sweeping public health recommendation? Evidence based to at least not totally fuck you up?Where are my patients supposedly finding this evidence? Do they have the statistical chops to interpret it or are they eating up the latest thing Buzzfeed gives them? Do they have access to the medical literature? If it’s personal anecdotal evidence, is the fact that this is helping a clue to tell me that maybe I missed a diagnosis (case in point severe hypothyroid getting more energy with massive amounts of Thrive supplementation which has boatloads of caffeine)Are they making an appointment with me to discuss these choices? Lolz probably not.More to the point, if it’s not your patient or a public health concern. The fact you are physician is irrelevant. 5 points submitted 2 months ago20 year old mtf.

I now wear sneakers to work almost exclusively, no matter who I am interacting with or how formal the occasion. If President Obama was okay with it, then I think everyone else should be too, though recent events have shown that is definitely not the case. It may seem insignificant, but wearing shoes that have proven to work for me and rejecting ideas of what I am to wear reflects a greater self acceptance and societal noncompliance on my end..

Italian guard Federico Mussini and Canadian Jamal Murray, who has the Oregon Ducks on his final list of schools, have been manning the point guard duties most of the week. Murray looked especially good in Thursday practice, hitting some Lillard esque shots from deep. Mussini plays like a classic point guard.

It’s a sport with challenges unlike any other. Competitors have to swim, run, shoot, fence and ride their way to victory. This is the Modern pentathlon. Bien que ses parents aient divorc, Ren ne comprend pas pourquoi son pre ne vient pas le rcuprer alors que sa mre vient de disparatre. C’est ainsi que le jeune garon a t confi de proches parents, une dcision qu’il rejette en s’enfuyant. Il se retrouve alors dans les rues du quartier de Shibuya Tokyo o il va faire une trange rencontre lorsqu’un certain Kumatetsu l’interpelle.

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