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I would say some Illinois fans have just been beaten down by the lack of success in the program. Any missed opportunity to potentially rise from that low place is seen as a failure. That’s not taking into account, like I mentioned in my last response, that the 2018 class is already pretty good.

The Raptors sport new uniforms and DeMarre Carroll, an expensive free agent acquisition, as part of a significant summer roster makeover. On the other side, Paul Pierce wasn’t around to expertly troll Toronto’s loyal fan base. He’s finishing his career as a Clipper.

Changes in NFL uniforms? Aggressive changes?Yikes! And . Hmmmm. This could be interesting, like hats at a royal wedding interesting. The last thing that you want to do is to make a fool of yourself. When you appear weak and needy there is no way that he will want you back. I know that this sounds harsh, but you have to face up to reality here and be strong if you want to get him back.

She left a notice on my door stating that I have 72 hours to comply or get a $125 ticket per pet. WTF? I am NOT going to pay to license my short term guests dog considering they don’t live in King County, and I don’t see how it is legal for them to come to my house looking for someone else and then fine me for this or threaten to fine me for this. Should I call and speak to a supervisor, get a lawyer, or wait until I get a ticket then fight it in court? This is bs..

Urban and rural residents of states seem to have opposing needs, perspectives, and political beliefs. Yet we lumped them together, inevitably giving one group the power to control the other. People don like being controlled by another group, and they like it even less when the other group makes no attempt to understand them..

But there’s little question Zimmer retains some real cult credibility on the Web even with, yes, 20 somethings. A post on the retailer’s Facebook page was met with angry comments by customers. Many played off the company’s tag line (“I will never shop at your stores again.

SAN DIEGO Quake Global, Inc. (QUAKE), a leading provider of solutions to the global IoT market, announced the launch of their advanced telematics device, QConnect. The Ultra compact QConnect integrates with fixed and mobile assets for real time tracking, monitoring and control anywhere, anytime.

No charges have been filed in Josiah’s death. Greene County Prosecutor Wil liam Schenck said the death remains under investigation and that Desai’s ruling probably will not influence whether he decides to seek charges. “Whether we would go forward with the case depends on evidence and not just an he said.

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