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It might not be clear from the post, but those immediate goals are listed in order of importance. As of now, I made enough hypertrophy/strength gains to feel like I really done something, so the focus is switching to slimming down. Once I drop 5 10 lbs, I try to get on a bulk/cut cycle with ICF.

His athleticism and length are bothersome for opponents, but his fundamentals need to improve, and he occasionally gets caught on the wrong foot. Still, the foundation is strong. It’s the rim protection that has people worried.. I have seen some improvements in infrastructure. A number of roads that have been repaired, and big projects to keep water contained in riverbeds have been undertaken. There are even some new electricity lines.

Once the average golfer accepts they need to play hybrid golf clubs, they need to learn how to swing a hybrid golf club. The club looks more like a wood than an iron and as a result, many golfers mistakenly swing the hybrid like a wood, not an iron. This is a mistake..

Wahoo! What a great week you had! I just getting into eBay selling and am looking to buy two mannequins. I was wondering if you had any suggestions since you sell a lot of clothes. Should I get two small mannequins and clip back the extra material to show the general shape of the outfit? Or maybe two medium mannequins so that the bigger clothes fit a little better and the few small clothes I sell will just be a bit tight? I feel like I should get smalls but most of the men clothes I bought to resell are l 2xl and would look awfully droopy on a small mannequin..

It will instead direct the cash to more quickly repay the debt it was saddled with two years ago when it bought Shaw Communications Inc. Media assets for $2.65 billion.Corus also wrote down its TV and radio assets by $1.031 billion to reflect current market value, a non cash goodwill impairment charge that resulted in a quarterly loss of $935.9 million in the three months ended May 31. Without the charge, its adjusted profit increased to $78 million from $70 million in the same period last year, largely thanks to reduced costs.Corus defends strategy despite stock price woesAnalysts predict steeper Corus dividend cut after watchdog blocks $200 million sale of TV stations to BellChief executive Doug Murphy cautioned investors to a bumpy road over the short term as television advertising revenue, which dropped more than Corus expected this quarter, is likely to continue its are all aware, our industry is in a state of flux as new choices emerge and consumer behaviours change, Murphy said on a conference call with analysts.But Murphy said the new capital allocation plan, which aims to reduce leverage to under three times debt to segment profit, presents a realistic strategy that will prepare Corus for the future.

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